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Headrest Monitor Asuka

Selling cheap Asuka headrest monitors

The headrest monitor is a small screen mounted on the headrests of the front seat, so passengers in the back seat can enjoy various audio and video features on the car. This car audio headrest can be connected with the parking camera via a Reverse cable so that when the vehicle is backing up, the video image behind will automatically appear on the monitor. While the TV monitor headrest can be connected to a universal head unit.

Asuka monitor headrest features:
 - CD / DVD / MP3 support format. USB
 - Mechanical slot loading system
 - electronic anti-shock system,
 - Touch screen hight sensitive monitor
 - High video image resolution, [840 x 480 px],
 - PAL / NTSC Video Support
 - Audio equalizer control, Rock. Jazz / Pop / custom,
 - Bluetooth handfree for streaming audio, video
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