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Smart Phone Mirroring Box

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 Mirroring box is a device used for the Airplay Display feature. This tool is compatible with Apple Wireless Airplay features, so it is very easy for iOS device users.

Mirroring box is also known as mirror link.


1. Mirroring

Allows you to display or move what is visible on your device's screen or other device to products that have mirroring technology such as smart TVs, laptops, and even headphones in a car.

2. Miracast

The second advantage contained in the Acast Smartphone Mirroring Box is the Miracast feature. Miracast is an Android Wireless Mirroring.

3. Airplay

This feature is better known as the Apple Car Play. Furthermore, AirPlay is an iOS standard that allows iPhone / iPad to display wirelessly to other screens such as Apple TV.

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